Postpartum Depression Masked as Anger and Frustration

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Postpartum Depression Masked as Anger and Frustration

A new study on postpartum women suggests anger screening as a necessary part of the treatment of depression and anxiety in these women. Sadly, anger and rage are often overlooked symptoms in new mums that often explode out on the little one in the form of screaming and yelling. A review of existing research finds anger as one of the leading symptoms of postpartum mood disturbances.

Motherhood and Anger

Another study review indicates that anger is a salient mood disturbance for some women who experience postpartum depression. It could be in the form of anger as a result of violating self-expectations, anger accompanying depression, or powerlessness as a part of depression.

Although anger is considered an element of postpartum mood changes, it has been overlooked in the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale. Recent research finds anger as a significant feature in postpartum mood changes.

The study concluded that anger can coexist along with other symptoms of postnatal depression. It may be expressed toward the self for not being able to cope up with the changes in life or toward children and family members. This can severely influence postnatal mood disturbances, further worsening the intensity and length of depression. That may impact the postpartum woman’s relationship with the child and other members of the family.

Anger and Postpartum Depression: Dream vs Reality

According to a recent report published in Birth, feelings of powerlessness, unmet expectations of support, and a mismatch between reality and motherhood expectations are often the reasons for those bouts of anger in postpartum depression.

What could be the reason for anger? 

Well, it is often the result of shattered expectations. First-time moms had no idea how tough it could be to stay up for much of the night with a new baby. They had expected it to be really peaceful and cuddly that her maternal instincts would kick in immediately. This difference between dream and reality often becomes the reason for depression, hopelessness, and anger. 

The problem stems from not discussing the realities of parenting and what mothering will actually be like. The feelings of not meeting their own expectations and how others might judge them continue to overpower their feelings, resulting in bouts of stress, anger, and frustration.

Additionally, some mothers may feel let down by partners or other family members in terms of support. 

How To Address Anger in Postpartum Depression

When anger is not addressed and things continue to be the same, some women may lapse into depression. If everyone talked about the issues troubling them in their support networks, things could be different and new moms may not feel so alone.

Talking is important to resolving the concerns of postpartum depression, anger, and frustration. It is critically important to address the issue of postpartum depression because it affects the life and relationship of the mother and child. Raising a new-born is a massive responsibility. For first-time mothers who have never done it before, it is even more important to learn how to go about it in an environment where sleep-deprivation could be the reality of life in the next few months. 

It is bound to happen that new mothers start experiencing the feeling that they're not normal, wondering if other mums feel the same way. They get angry about their anger but fail to seek support because of the fear of being judged.

Sadly, women do not realize that such bursts of anger and spells of frustration could ruin their bond with their child. So if you are really struggling with anger or postpartum depression, you should immediately look for help. Additionally, it is important to take care of your body and nourish it with supplements that replenish your energy levels. 

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