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From the beginning, our one and only goal has been to provide the nutritional and hormonal building blocks that moms need throughout postpartum. This goal is not limited to mothers alone, but expectant moms, aunts, friends, sisters and grandmothers. We believe that women should be given the options to access both education and products during motherhood that address both common and rare conditions. As a result, when developing our first product, MILK Postnatal, it was critical that it be clean, pure, uncomplicated, and packed with superfoods backed by science and nature. We enlisted the help of some of the nation’s greatest experts to develop the world's first superfood Postnatal, which focuses on both postpartum healing and lactation. The end result is all we expect from a Postnatal.

Transparency Is Key

Reimagining motherhood wellness has always been about more than just mixing wonderful ingredients for us — it's about collaborating with manufacturers that care as much about their supply chain as we do. In today's marketplace, there are many goods marketed to moms that include harmful substances. Moms who have health, ingredient, or nursing constraints require ease of use and trust in understanding all of the advantages and any contraindications of substances. Ingredients that are untested, low quality and sometimes even unsafe have no home here. We've worked extensively to identify the right partners throughout the world that use ingredients that fulfill our transparency criteria. At M.O.O., real traceability is more than just a label. We're committed to sharing the decisions we make that affect you, your baby, and your breast milk.

Improving Quality and Access

Our goal is to identify promising approaches and challenges mom face in obtaining education for the prevention and onset of poor maternal health. We continue to expand education and access on topics that improve health outcomes, reduce health inequities including poor screenings of depression in the postpartum period. We have found that additional studies, publications, scientific evidence and real moms sharing real experiences help qualify these effects and differentiate the benefits of care expected and its effects on health disparities.

Rigorous Standards

When it comes to supplements, moms are still relying on faith to guide their decisions. Too often, companies that service moms purposefully make their processes and formulas complicated in order to keep you from understanding what's going on and what’s inside. Many companies use well-known herbs like fenugreek in products that can be dangerous to your postpartum and baby. Others mix numerous herbs and vitamins into products without understanding how they genuinely work together. We're confident in the products we create, which include nutrients in their optimal forms for maximum absorption. So go ahead and have a look— we're confident you'll like what you find.

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Approved by registered doctors, midwives, doulas, nurses, dietitians, nutritionists and best of all, Moms.

Created by a woman on a quest to advance equity in maternal health.

When Lydia Simmons was unable to obtain the level of Ob/Gyn support required during postpartum, she turned to her knowledge of food as a foundational and core means of health to create MILK Postnatal: a 1OO% Vegan, Superfood Postnatal with 7 ingredients that supports women from Day 1 of Postpartum up to 2 years of Breastfeeding and into Lifestyle Wellness.

Lydia sought the advice of Chemists, Physiologists, and Nutritional Scientists to bring her product to market as a result of her difficulties to overcome the negative effects of Postpartum. Her goal was to assure premium ingredients, a 30-day supply to aid women with the cost of affordable health and wellness supplementation, and items safe for nursing to best support women who were and would experience trials during this time.

Today, M.O.O. offers a full range of products that have assisted thousands of women worldwide in reducing the harsh effects of nutritional deficiency and hormonal imbalance during motherhood. M.O.O. continues to advance research to develop thoughtful and transparent products that appeal to all stages of Motherhood.

"We are no longer subscribing to the lifestyle of our grandmothers who fully immersed themselves and their physical love into their roles as mothers so much so that they forwent taking care of themselves."

Founder, Lydia Simmons

Health Advisory Board

Our Health Advisory Board is made up of leading doctors, scientists, doulas and nutritionists. We work collaboratively on product development, recommendation logic, and staying up to date on new global research findings.

Jess Kimball

Full Spectrum Doula
Sophie Eckert, WHNP

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Andrew Bucknor, DPT, COMT, CSCS

Physiological Sciences
Alexia Doumbouya, CMHA, MSL

Certified Postpartum Doula

Tanisha Williams

Full Spectrum Doula

Natalie Campbell, DDS, M.S.

Dental Sciences
Brenda Peralta, RD

Nutritional Sciences

Scientific Research is complex and ever-changing. We acknowledge this by categorizing products based on assessments of existing research.

Nutritional and hormonal aid for improved fertility and sexual health in moms attempting to conceive

Nutritional and hormonal support for moms who have conceived

Support that is thoughtful, nutritional, and has a strong impact on the common and rare experiences of moms who have recently given birth.

A wellness and health-conscious philosophy for moms of all ages and walks of life. Nutritionally established to produce results.