Potassion Chelated

Sankarda, India
Mineral, Dietary Aid
Found In
M2O Daily Electrolyte + Hydrator, Banana, Coconut
Helps with
Hormonal Support
Weight Management
Muscle & Tissue Health
Gut Health
Bone health

Potassium is an ionic mineral and vitamin that dissolves in water to generate electrolytes, which it uses in your cells. Many of the same processes that need sodium also use potassium. Once absorbed, potassium works with sodium and water to maintain a healthy blood pressure. maintain metabolic processes in a smooth state of operation and transmit electric nerve signals throughout the body. Your body also loses some necessary minerals and electrolytes when you lose water. (Breathing is an exception; you just lose water when you do so; you don't lose minerals or electrolytes.) You must replenish the potassium your body has lost naturally in order to be healthy, just as you would with water.

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