Goats Rue

Galega officinalis

Henderson, Nevada
contraindicated in people with legume family allergy (such as peanuts and soybean)
Found In
Lactation & Breast Health
Helps with
Breast Health
Lactation Support
Weight Management
Hormonal Support

It has been used in herbal medicine to treat tuberculosis and lower blood sugar levels. The dried leaves of the goat's rue plant are considered a galactagogue, and this herb is commonly prescribed to breastfeeding mothers to aid in the production of breast milk. It is also used to stimulate breast tissue growth, therefore it may be effective for women who want to breastfeed after having breast surgery or for those who want to breastfeed an adopted child (known as Relactation). It contains a high concentration of galegine, a component with blood glucose-lowering properties that provided the foundation for the creation of metformin, a diabetes medicine.

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