St-Aubin-lès-Elbeuf, France
Allergies to cobalt; Leber's disease or other form of optic nerve damage; an iron or folic acid deficiency
Found In
MOXI Daily Energy, Breast Milk, liver, beef, sardines, salmon, clams, and dairy products
Helps with

The naturally occurring form of vitamin B12 is methylcobalamin, which is used to treat the deficiency. B12 is necessary for healthy red blood cell development, the creation of energy, and the formation of our DNA. A lack of vitamin B12 may raise a child's chance of developing hematologic, neurologic, cognitive, and metabolic issues. The risk of vitamin B12 deficiency and macrocytic anemia is higher in pregnant and breastfeeding women whose diets contain little to no foods derived from animals. In addition, nursing mothers who consume little vitamin B12 are more likely to produce breastmilk that contains less vitamin B12.

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